Magnetic Measuring Equipment

Simplifies processing and work techniques such as fixation, welding, cutting, lifting, processing and fitting of ferromagnetic objects.
Lifting of steel plates and steel blocks in a quick, efficient, and safe way.
Good for magnetising / de-magnetising of instruments.
Holds objects in place and positions them for welding, soldering, fitting, outlining, et cetera.
Simplifies measuring activities at work places and with blacksmiths and tool factories.


  • Type number: GM 1890005.
  • Measuring area: 0-15.000 Gauss, scale 0.1 Gauss.
  • Polarity: Automatic N or S indication.
  • Display: Can be changed from Gauss to Tesla.
  • Power: 4 AA batteries.
  • Weight: +- 250 g.
  • Dimensions: 140 x 64 x 30 mm.
  • Execution: With peak-hold mode, dust proof (sheet keys).
  • Measuring element: Semi-flexible probe, dim. 1 mm depth x 5 mm width.

Magnet display foil

​By using Magnet display foil it is possible to visualise the magnetic pole lines when placing the foil on top of the magnet.

  • ​​Type number 18900015
  • ​Produced in a flexible material
  • ​Size: 500 x 450 mm, can easily be cut with scissors

Pole Indicator

  • ​Type number : GM ´1841000
  • ​Dimensions: 128 X 22 X 8 mm
  • ​Weight: 100 gram
  • ​Indication: S – south pole, N – north pole

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